Our Mission

We will work towards our vision by:

  • Developing ways of living and working cooperatively that recognise our interdependence and ability to achieve more together than separately whilst at the same time maximising diversity and personal choice.
  • Creating a permaculture community with accommodation organised along co-housing lines.
  • Earning as much of our livelihood as possible from on-site activities to ensure a viable sustainable community.
  • Living and promoting an ecologically friendly sustainable lifestyle, responsible in our use of materials, resources and impact on the environment.
  • Sharing our land and resources to make a positive contribution towards the transition to a low-carbon society.
  • Facilitating the development of permaculture in the wider countryside, the surrounding community and beyond by striving to become a centre of excellence which others can learn from.
  • Developing our community as a rich source of educational and other resources and making these available to the widest possible range of people, groups and communities.

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