Shared Resources

Provisional list of resources we are considering sharing:

  • White goods e.g. washing machines and freezers
  • Shared vehicles to minimize private car use
  • Storage facilities
  • Possibly workshop and studio facilities or at least divided up to give separate units
  • Guest accommodation
  • Possibly office space with computers, printers, etc.
  • Tools and equipment
  • Communal kitchen, dining room, lounge, library on ground floor of main house for meals, meetings and celebrations
  • Garden and land, including polytunnel, greenhouse, etc.
  • Communal outbuildings for storage of food and crops (dry and frost-free)
  • Logs for fuel
  • Indoor space for playing games e.g. table tennis, etc. which can also be used for large meetings, hiring out for courses etc.
  • Alternative energy such as wind turbine, solar, wood chip boiler, combined heat and power
  • Broadband connection
  • Meditation rooms/building
  • Bulk buying of food and other household items
  • Shared meals – once a week? once a month? And at special occasions and events. No obligation to eat meals together.
  • Maintenance of buildings and land.

Resources we will we not be sharing

  • Individual living space: which may be as big as a whole house or as small as a single room. Additionally some residents may require their own studio and/or therapy room or other workspace
  • Income, but some residents may well cooperate in a business venture
  • Personal property such as televisions, radios, personal computers, dvds, etc. and other equipment and furniture in our own homes
  • Some gardens and/or allotments may be private

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