Who we are

Our community will be essentially land based with the aim of producing most of our own food and fuel and earning income from a wide variety of activities. These activities could include providing educational and alternative holiday facilities where visitors can learn and experience living in a sustainable community and reconnecting with the natural environment. Trees, hedgerows & woodland and their wildlife are an integral part of our vision for the land.

We welcome vegetarians, vegans and omnivores. A mixed organic and free range smallholding is therefore envisaged. We aim to produce most of the food for our domestic animals and numbers will be restricted to those which can be reared sustainably from our own resources.

The eventual size of the intentional community we have in mind is about 10 to 15 permanent resident adults, but may be a bit larger if the property and circumstances allow and much smaller in the beginning. Young couples with or without children and single people are welcome to join us to create a healthy community with a good spread of ages. Equally important as getting the right age mix, is the need for people who share our world view and are prepared to work with us towards our vision.

At the core of our vision lies an understanding that every individual is at a unique point in their emotional, spiritual, creative and social development. Prospect aims to provide conditions which further this development. Whilst our spiritual understanding may vary, we are committed to a holistic concept of the earth, ‘Gaia’, as the source of all life. We share a commitment to living in harmony with nature according to permaculture principles.

The property we are looking to buy will be a farmstead or large house with land, which will be rural but sufficiently near a village or small town for us to become part of the wider community. This will probably be in the west country – Dorset, Somerset, Devon or possibly just into Cornwall.

Prospect will aim to be as low impact as possible whilst providing comfortable dwellings benefiting from eco-friendly technological advances. Each individual or family will have their own living accommodation although some sharing may be necessary or desirable. Dwellings will vary in size from family houses with several bedrooms to smaller units for single people.

In addition to private living accommodation based on co-housing, there will be a communal dining room with a kitchen and a big common meeting room. Other facilities such as guest rooms, workshops, food storage and laundry room, will also be communally owned and managed.

We want to enable residents to support themselves partially or wholly within the community. Ideally residents will not spend more than about half their working time off site so that there will always be enough people around to ensure the success of the community.

Preparing the foundations of our community

We meet regularly to get to know each other, work out the details of our shared vision and visit potentially suitable properties.

It is very important that members meet each other frequently before finally deciding to purchase a property.

More members, especially those with capital and skills such as building and land based, are needed to make this community happen.

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