24 September 2012 Update

The property we spent all summer trying to buy has fallen through. There are too many costly problems, mainly with the buildings which the vendor was not prepared to meet us on the price.

We are now seeking an alternative property and have several in mind. Our current members are twelve adults and one child and we are having difficulty finding a property which fulfils the many and varied needs of all of us.

Property searching is very time consuming and extremely hard work and we have decided to suspend the open meetings at which we welcome potential new members for the time being.

When we have found a suitable property and have actually committed to buy it we will be once again having open meetings in the hope that we can expand the group further.

Until this happens, we will be keeping a list of interested people so please get in touch if you think Prospect might be for you. See ‘come and join us’ for more details of how to do this




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