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Acceptable Compromises…

There are so many things that so many people want to get out of Prospect e-co-housing, and given that there are so many complications; -in the planning process, -in our financial abilities, -in the natural resources that are available, -in … Continue reading

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The Road to Zero Carbon

LAST CHANCE TO BOOK ON THIS MAJOR ONE DAY CONFERENCE ON LOW AND ZERO CARBON BUILDING Organised by the ECOS TRUST Tuesday 9th February 2010. 9.30am – 4.30pm. The Watershed, Bristol Details of Conference

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Cultivations Focus Meeting

CULTIVATIONS ‘Growing into the Community’ Re-engaging disadvantaged, disaffected and isolated people within the wider community This is the first in the series of Cultivations’ focus meetings across England and Wales in 2009 and 2010 and is being held at Victory … Continue reading

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Buying Land; One Way forward! Workshop

Are you interested in attending a workshop on buying land for community food production? Are you currently looking for land?  Have you found land and want to know the next steps? Are you a small producer and want to secure … Continue reading

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Tinker’s Bubble Forestry Fortnight

Felling and processing coppice and standard trees using only handtools and a horse. Including: Coppicing Weekend 20-21 February Coppicing hazel and other trees. This event is suitable for people with no former experience Felling Fortnight 20 Feb to 7 March … Continue reading

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Involvement with the wider community

This involvement is for me one of the key aspects of the project, as in this vision page. Please give your views on this topic by adding your comments to this post. Richard

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Writing posts

I have just uploaded a three page guide – starting with a really simple one. You will find it on the top menu bar. It is named ‘How to use this site‘ or click the link here. Richard

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Posts and comments about animals in our community

Animals in the community are a potentially contentious issue as shown by these comments on the ‘Animals‘ page. Please post further comments here to keep them currently available. Or create a new post to which further comments can be attached. … Continue reading

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Repopulating the countryside

I believe that one aspect of the necessary change is repopulation of the countryside. Large-scale energy-intensive mechanised farming is incompatible with permaculture principles. And the key to sustainable food production from the land together with biodiversity is design-intensive and human-attention-intensive … Continue reading

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The ‘WHY’ of Prospect

Several people have asked why we are planning Prospect and what our basic beliefs are. We have a branch on the mind map labelled ‘spiritual space’ what would we be doing there and what kind of ‘spirituality’ is this? This … Continue reading

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