Site Suspended

Dear Permies and community people

As from January 2017 this site is on hold pending the creation of a new venture in Suffolk. Good luck with your own communities and growing ventures.

The information on here may still be useful but is getting more and more out of date. Use it with caution.


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New Community in Dorset/Devon

Some people Frances & I worked with a few years back are starting their own project. Here is a link to their site:
We wish them every success in their venture.

Richard & Frances Jannaway

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Prospect progress report June 2013

Great news

Seven of the Prospect group have eventually bought a property which they moved into in May. It is in a rural location, about 5-6 miles from the small town of Hatherleigh in North Devon, and a mile from the village of Meeth.

They are now called LEAF (Living Ethically Amongst Friends) Permaculture Community  Visit their website for further information.

Future Prospect

The remainder of the group, 4 adults including founding members Frances and myself, are still looking for a property.

We are not holding open meetings at present as we are currently reviewing our position.

When we are in a position to invite people to join us we will advertise this here and elsewhere.

So watch this site for future developments.

Meantime you are welcome to browse the site which has a lot of information on how we developed the Prospect Vision. I hope you find this information useful.

Richard Jannaway

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Ecological Land Cooperative Success

We are very please to report that the Greenhan Reach smallholdings now have planning permission to go ahead. Reading about it shows the enormous struggle they had to go through to get three legai smallholdings on undeveloped land.

Read, Learn but don’t be discouraged.

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Turf sofa

This was built recently by one of our members with turf taken off when they were making raised beds. —- Ikea eat your heart out!

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January 2013 Update

We have found a property in North Devon which several members of the group are very keen on and they are currently in the process of buying it.

However, other members feel that neither the land nor the buildings meets their needs. This group is now looking for another suitable property.

So there might soon be two communities arising from the Prospect vision. As soon as the situation becomes clearer, we will post more information on this site.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

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24 September 2012 Update

The property we spent all summer trying to buy has fallen through. There are too many costly problems, mainly with the buildings which the vendor was not prepared to meet us on the price.

We are now seeking an alternative property and have several in mind. Our current members are twelve adults and one child and we are having difficulty finding a property which fulfils the many and varied needs of all of us.

Property searching is very time consuming and extremely hard work and we have decided to suspend the open meetings at which we welcome potential new members for the time being.

When we have found a suitable property and have actually committed to buy it we will be once again having open meetings in the hope that we can expand the group further.

Until this happens, we will be keeping a list of interested people so please get in touch if you think Prospect might be for you. See ‘come and join us’ for more details of how to do this




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Reclaim the Fields Summer Gathering

The Reclaim the Fields Summer Gathering is long gone!

Workshops took place including wild medicine & herbalism, forest gardening, biodynamics, therapeutic horticulture, land reclamation, squatting & a history of land rights, traveller solidarity, food sovereignty and more.

I hope all enjoyed it and look forward to another one next year?

The gathering will also be an opportunity to hear about the history of Reclaim the Fields in Europe & the UK and help pave its future. With a food sovereignty movement growing in the UK now is the time to show what grassroots and direct action can achieve in feeding our communities.

For anyone who attended the Spring Gathering in the Forest of Dean you will understand there was a large pressure in facilitating a space and defending against eviction. With a supportive venue at the Clervaux Trust in Croft-on-Tees we will really be able to relax & strategise in style with lots of delicious food grown on site, swimming and more!

So join Reclaim the Fields at the Summer Gathering from 27th-29th July. For more info & liftshare info please see here:

About: Reclaim the Fields is a constellation of people and collective projects willing to go back to the land and reassume the control over food production. We are determined to create alternatives to capitalism through cooperative, collective, autonomous, real needs oriented small scale production and initiatives, putting theory into practice and linking local practical action with global political struggles.

Circulated by REgen-Ag from

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Transitions Exeter: Food and Farming


Exeter 2012 :Food, Farming and Land Use : What is Going on?
A series of talks exploring land-use in Exeter’s surrounding countryside


“Stand at the top of the High Street, look out to Exeter’s hills and fields and imagine what abundance could connect it with the city”

Most of us are urban. Few of us have any immediate rural connections and even fewer of us know what happens on the land that we pass by.
These talks will help us know more about the land and those that work it in complex and challenging times.

Click for details

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British town grows all of its own vegetables

Resulting in improved civic life and reduced crime.

Click to learn more at Natural (external link)

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